Old Cherry Tree that Bloom Out of Flowering Season

Title: Old Cherry Tree that Bloom Out of Flowering Season [狂い咲きの老桜]

Author: 風祭おまる


TL note: Confused named the tittle in the first…

Ah.. don’t be sick because you see the tag first… But I really like people see tag like a horor before reading novel so… Let it go~ Let it go~

Tag: old MC, 60’s MC, omega MC, widower MC, alpha seme, 40’s seme, beta to omega, rape, MC being druged by omega hormon drug, seme doctor, yandere seme, deceived by doctor, long hidden desire, alpha-omega-beta verse, cherry blossom, omega nest, changed gender sex because of drug, menopause, high blood pleasure sickness, hormon problem, very old uke young seme.

Part 1, Part 2

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