-I Became a Womb Fetal Pet (Bride) of a Tentacle Alien

Title: I Became a Womb Fetal Pet (Bride) of a Tentacle Alien [ 触手宇宙人の孕み腹ペット(お嫁さん)になりました]

Author: 真夜中は特別な貌


TL note: Because its too long, I will break into 7 part. Later I will combine it.

Tag: human MC, Alien seme, MC uke, Tentacle Alien, devil-cupid merchant, space unknow merchant-thief, MC being kidnapped, mpreg, egg incubate in MC womb, anal sex, blow job, tentacle lubrication, addictive sex, low birth problem, in space, super duper rough lubrication sex, multiple orgarms, Alien language! 


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5


Alien POV

Part 1, Part 2



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