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Fanfic of Werewolf Reincarnation, Aide of Demon King Japan Novel

tag: BL, R18, α β Ω, mpreg, Dragon x Wolf

Author fanfic note:

This is my fanfic from Japan novel 人狼への転生、魔王の副官

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And I will mix the story with natural law from Manga Sex Pistol.

Please don’t say it wronged copyright, it was fanfic! Not novel translation. The translation novel is already stopped long time ago. But if you want to read my fanfic, you must read the translated novel first. (Hue hue… sorry readers…) 

You can read in here: Saigo Translation


Please don’t say it weird, disgusting, or OMG what are you doing!? Fanfic is freedom for all people so you can’t say I mustn’t make it.

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