About your Trainer

A Novel Fujoshi who just translate what she want to translate. Please don’t put my translated novel in other website!

Warning: I don’t owe the Novel that I was translate and I don’t ask donation nor accept donation! 

Please write in here if:

  1. I really wanna someone join with me as a translator, please write in here if you want help me :D. I will not put schedule for release update, just wanna focus on fanfic actually… If you wanna translate other novel but wanna join me is okay too~
  2. You want to take my project that I still not translate.
  3. If you have a problem with my translation like wrong words.
  4. Wanna say something about the story like forbidden conversation? Even I don’t care if you say in comment hehehe. This is S&M Training Area so its okay fufufu~
  5. Report to me if someone stole my translated novel or my fanfic.
  6. Recommendation BL novel, but I just accept short chapter, not long chapter.
  7. Wanna ask the question about my project.

I will reply you via my email

Thank you~

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